December 12, 2016




Elder Rios

12.12.2016 new area

Noah Christopher Ludlow
Monday, December 12, 2016 12:26 PM

Hey Mom I am Doing well my week is freaking crazy!!! I will share it more with my group email. well we have a 100 plus members but it is still a branch they dont have the priesthood here for a ward just yet but we are close like we need 6 or seven brethren we have one that just needs to be ordained and sustained, that will hopefully happen by Christmas if all goes well . he just had a capilla abierta we recieved 85 references from it have quite a few people we are working with. we are trying to contact some of those references this week. my companion is awesome he reminds me a lot of Tell Lindsey. yes we are together with my DL the apartments alright. its sufficient for what we need and we have a pretty major roach problem at the moment we are working on trying to deal with it. I am still not sure whats going on with skype yet the family that Elders have gone to for it in the past lives right behind us like we share like gates with them and everything. unfortunately there was a recent rule change that we cannot enter their house . so we dont know how that will change it we meet with our mission president this week for interviews so we will figure out what happens. that is awesome that they are returning, but why cant i live in my mission afterwards that is exactly what they are doing right??? k got some other emails to do ttyl!!!!

Elder Ludlow


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