October 3, 2016




Elder Zelaya

week 9

Noah Christopher Ludlow
Monday, October 03, 2016 12:30 PM

week 9

so conference was this week end and sadly none of the people we invited showed up so freaking sad. also we lost almost all of our investigators this week so we had very rough week i am not entirely sure why but we have been struggling to find and teach people this week. so keep us in your prayers. aslo we had someone faint in between conferences. It was terrifying for one this it was not just she passed out it was she collapsed. they couldnt find a pulse one on her right side she woke up for a second and then went in to shock. She was given a blessing and she started improving some. The power of the Priesthood is real it work miracles everyday. If it had not been for the blessing of the Priesthood she probably would not still be with us. so far i have given and or participated in so many blessings. i am so humbled by to be able to bless the lives of all the people here with this world changing power. thank you for all your prayers I hope all is well with everybody. I love you all i know i dont usually say that all that much but I do.I am great full for your faith and the support that all of you give me. my email list is very small but that means I can communicate more completely with yall

Elder Ludlow


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