September 26, 2016




Elder Zelaya

week 8

Noah Christopher Ludlow
Monday, September 26, 2016 11:37 AM

so I have been out 3 months now its been crazy how fast the time is flying of course its been warming up and I talked to one of the other Queen Creek Elders that's here and he said the heat itself here isn't to bad but its all the humidity that makes the summers so bad. anyway so that's the future for me this year. I also heard that the Coast here is really nice in the summer so hopefully I'll be there one of the summers that I am here.. apparently they have alot of scary beaches here in the summer s they only allow missionaries to go during the spring fall and winter so something interesting. Um this week we lost all our investigators with baptismal fechas really rather a bummer but we also found 3 new ones and are working really well with a couple Menos activos we have been doing a lot of albs lately. we have invited like every one of the people we talked to this week to watch conference its and actually almost all of them have accepted to attend at least one session of conference so hopefully we get a couple baptisms or something from that. On Thursday I participated in something called a Tormenta Blanca means white storm btw but anyway so we have some Sisters in our area that had not found new investigators for an entire transfer, six weeks. we went and tracked a little bit their area we found like 10 different people who said the Sister could come back and teach them so kinda cool. hope everybody is doing well love yall!!

Elder Ludlow


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