August 29, 2016




Elder Sosa

Hi Elder Noah!

Noah Christopher Ludlow
Monday, August 29, 2016 11:08 AM

Hola from Tolosa, Argentina so you asked me what my favorite food is here and I said alfajores but I didn't explain why. So and alfajor is more or less a cookie sandwich which is not that uncommon but these thing are like only here. The better ones have 3 cookies about the size of a blown up coin and about an inch in thickness what makes these things really sell are that they are styled like dipped Oreos which is a major company here btw there are full on Oreo Kiscos here. anyway so they are dipped and layered with just about anything good dulce de leche, not caramel, but peanut butter chocolate mousse white creme some have coconut shavings on the outer edge. anyway so hope that helps somewhat I dont have my camera on me at this time other wise I would send a pick. my Spanish is picking up so now I understand a fourth of what is being said involving the church but still have much to learn. lot of rice pasta and chicken for lunches i am definitely loosing weight. we met up with some of my MTC group on Friday and they were like dude you've lost some weight idk how much but its noticeable so that good. we found 4 new investigators this week 2 with baptisms. my comp and I are getting along love you all. the word of the week is maquinas.

Elder Ludlow

oh and one more thing, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE YOU!!!!!!

Elder Ludlow


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