August 22, 2016




Elder Sosa

Interesting Week

Noah Christopher Ludlow
Monday, August 22, 2016 1:15 PM

hey everyone so iva had an interesting week first we are not going to be able to baptize Esperanza for a while it would seem she is living with a man she is not married to. She has not broken the law of chastity with him or anyone else. as a precaution we dont want her to have that temptation. here is the silver lining in that though they want to get married, firstly. Secondly initially he was not interested in the church but since we started teaching her he has seen a change in her and now he wants to take the lessons too.however at the moment he is in another area of Argentina working, so we Either have to send Missionaries in the area to him or wait til he gets back. so the plan is to have them get married and baptize both of them together. She also wants the rest of her family to be taught we are currently teaching a daughter in law and a son. Wednesday I had my first companion exchange we with Elder Tolman from Utah I think Logan but not entirely sure, anyway we visited one of his former investigators. before we talked on him he told me that this guy was crazy. so my first thought was he was loony. Not at all he meant he has had a crazy life. he is from Israel, a sniper no less. (<b>SORRY IF THIS IS SCARY TO ANYONE!!!!!!!!) </b>His house was possessed with demons one of them actually went thorough him. then the missionaries came. they blessed him and dedicated his house he hasnt seen them since, he started taking the discussions but stopped for some reason, but before we stopped I told him in as well as I could in Spanish that if he wanted proof of the truthfulness of what we are teaching, the only other people capable of cleaning his house were true servants of God. Jesus and his Apostles were famous for removing demons. now that I think it was meant for me to hear, for my testimony, proof to me that what we are saying is true, that we have been called of God and he has sent us to people who need the gospel in their lives, the Lord is aware of all his children HE LIVES and because he lives we have HOPE because we have hope we have reason to rejoice to praise his name for ever, we have reason to glory in the name of OUR Lord and Savior forever and ever, lets never forget Him at any point of our days or life, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen

Elder Ludlow


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