August 8, 2016




Elder Sosa


Noah Christopher Ludlow
Monday, August 08, 2016 11:38 AM

so it has come to my attention that I need to start sending a more general email for people sorry everyone, so Argentina is a beautiful and scary country all at once, we are teaching 11 investigators this week I have had ! baptismal invite and have already placed my first book of mormon we have 4 investigators lined up for a baptismal date at the moment they however 1 of them does not live in our area,her name is Claudia she has a little fruit and vegetable store in our area and we have been teaching her while she isnt busy, so she seems to be understanding pretty well and progressing but the baptism will occur in another Elders ward so kind of a bummer doing all the work and someone else gets the credit. another of our another investigator named Esperanza is also progressing she has a lot of children and she has a powerful testimony already, my first visit with her on Wednesday I said the starting prayer in Spanish and after she said Elder its ok if you pray in English with the language of the Spirit is universal lol my companion said it wasn't that bad of a prayer. anyway so My Companion is named Elder Sosa he is from Mexico so naturally he makes some awesome tacos.. lol so the food has changed dramatically since coming out to the field so Argentines have a very small early breakfast at like 6.they work til Lunch then which all stores close for by the way, and they have an enormous lunch and a nap, thats right Agrentines have a naptime in there work schedules then they return to work and eat dinner at around 10 so naturally as missionaries we dont do it all to their schedules but we are actually not far off, we eat/ get food from members at least once a day. and the 1 thing I am really missing here are bathrooms like nowhere around here has decent bathrooms the best one is in my apartment so I have learned i have to make sure i go before we leave cuz we may not have some where to to go out while proselyting.

Elder Ludlow


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