July 28, 2016


Buenos Aires Argentina MTC


Elder Lambert. MTC


Noah Christopher Ludlow
Thursday, July 28, 2016 12:41 PM

hey Mama yes I am going really well i am happy i went to the temple this morning it is such a blessing the last time for a while i think. I will try to make this as long as possible I am not going to be on again for about 10 days and I am going to be sending letters in a week or so and they will be sending a photoed message to let you know that i am in my mission safely. as in line with my calling I am going to give you, my family an assignment, will you look up a video on Youtube called Gethsemane, sung by Reese Oliveria, then have a discussion about it with all who are their. Finally send it to all other people you know to Ashley Kayla Johnny and all others who could benefit from the message there in. I am not going to be getting anything fun in terms of special dessert but I have already had 2 different versions of Happy Birthday and one of the teachers but up a surprise in our district room thank you I don't know specifics on time wise for when I leave but we pack Monday and will probably be in my Mission Home on Tuesday by lunch so exciting... i don't know about favorite activity yet I love the temple of course even if its all in Castellano, the true name for spanish btw love you all I do have more photos here are the other missionaries going to the East mission some of the newer roomates and and pics with my new comp. I was in a Mormon Message Video last week i don't know which so if there are any new ones keep an eye out. and I participated in a blessing this afternoon, it was super cool and special. there is also a picture of a tree with some thorns major thorns on it. love elder Ludlow

Elder Ludlow


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