June 30, 2016


Buenos Aires Argentina MTC



Noah Christopher Ludlow
Thursday, June 30, 2016 4:04 AM

hey everybody I hope your are doing well the mtc is both hard and incredible we have already taught 4 lessons in total Spanish, have been praying in Spanish since Monday, and lots of other crazy stuff one of the scary things about spanish is that if you dont say things exactly the right way it can mean something very different and they have a lot of words that have similar meaning but are used in very different contexts. For instance there are 2 words for time that are Tiempo and Vez tiempo is like what time is it and vez is came you say that one more time. anyway in a lesson one of the other Elders was trying to say we would be very excited to see you in church on Sunday and he did but it was more along the lines of it would "excite" us if you came to church on sunday if that does make sense I sorry that was the cleanest way I could think to say it.

the food here is awesome the people here are all really cool yesterday we went to apply for visas everything is in Spanish here which reminds me here is a challenge for you all ifs you are up for it translate the Spanish version of Called to Serve, and no it is not just the English version of it. it is a very different song in Spanish. make sure you look up Elder Bednars new hymn it is remarkable it is called One By One well love you all give Montana a big hug for me con Amor my familia adios para ahora!!!

Elder Ludlow


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