April 30, 2018


La Florida-Florencio Varela


Elder Espejo

week 1 transfer 16

Noah Christopher Ludlow

Date: Mon, Apr 30, 2018, 11:41 AM
Subject: week 1 transfer 16

well we are working hard we found a lot of people who would like to visit with us as missionaries and we are working with several that are not entirely progressing. we are going to keep doing what we can. we are working with less active member named Alenir Jaldin... she recently turned 18 and is the only member of her family, but she expressed to us the desires to serve a mission. we are going to use this goal to return her to activity. we also found a man named Angel yesterday who has been doing genealogy he has completed like 6 generations. He found the missionaries and he is only interested in the church as far as Family Search right now, we left him with a copy of the Book of Mormon. we also visited lady named Alejandra with Elder Juarez we taught but once. I went by with Elder Espejo and she has been reading the Book of Mormon everyday and has noticed that she feels peace every time she reads it, naturally she went on a vacation this week but we have visit scheduled to me with her in the coming week, after her trip.  well I hope all is well I love you all and I am grateful for you prayers and support.
Elder Ludlow


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