October 25, 2021


Buffalo, New York , Usa


Elder Kearns


Hello everyone!! Sorry that I wasnt able to get an email out last week it was a busy Pday and I just didnt end up having time, but I am still alive:). I want to just start off by saying that Buffalo is lame and the leaves here just fall off green or dead. So that is kind of a bummer because it is getting cold and it should be fall here but all of the trees have this black fungus on the leaves and they are all dying. But on the bright side, we had Zone conference last week and we had to drive to Rochester about and hour and a half away. That was a very pretty drive, and I got to experience how New York fall should be. The leaves were changing red, orange, yellow, and there are these vines here that grow up the trunks of trees and they were also changing colors. It was nice to see what fall was supposed to look like for a day haha.      The missionary work is just awesome here in North Buffalo, last week I was able to put a whole family on date for next month. That was an amazing experience and the spirit that was in the room in indescribable. The 8 year old asked, "has anyone drowned being baptised before". I love how simple little kids think and all of their funny comments.      Zone Confernce-We were able to hear from Elder Basset of the 70 and his wife at zone conference. Something that stuck out to me as well as many other missionarys is when he talked about missionary results. As missionarys we keep very good record of all the lessons we teach, contacts with people, baptisms, as well as members. We can see how our friends are progressing and sometimes we can get caught up in thinking, we have had 6 lessons with this person and they arent progressing towards baptism at all. While as the next person may be 3 lessons in and already have a baptismal date. Elder Basset stated, that this is all part of Gods devine plan. Sometimes as missionarys all we are doing is planting a good seed that takes 20-30 years to grow. And we cannot worry about instant results. In the time and age we live in, we have been programed for instant results. Type 1+1 into google and get roughly a billion results in less that 1 second. God has a perfect timing for everything. Sometimes we may not know why or when things happen the way they do but I have learned that we just need to have faith in the perfect plan he has for us. This does not take away from our agency but knowing that there is a plan for us helps us stay on the right path. 
-Elder Labrum


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