October 11, 2021


Buffalo, New York , Usa


Elder Kearns


Buffalo New York is a very interesting place. We went to a few spots in Northern Buffalo this week that looked and felt like Beaver Utah. My dream town to live in, not saying I would ever live in Buffalo, but it was nice to have something like home. The houses had big grassy front yards with lots of "old person" flower beds. The types of front yards you see in every small town. I told Elder Monson as we were walking down the street, this reminds me of a small town. And he laughed at me and said huh thats interesting. He doesnt really get what I mean. Some of the houses had huge grassy backyards that I could totally see the 24th of July wiffle ball games being played in the back of them. But even still, the houses are still too close together for my future liking.  This has been a little hard having to be with someone 24/7!!!! For all of you that know me, I liked my time to myself where I could just think and not have someone interupting me.... yeah thats unexistent, a rule on a mission is you always have to be within sight and sound of your companion. So i'm still getting used to that. I'm not going to hide it, a mission is not an easy thing.  I have seen lots of cool miracles in the short time I have been here though. There has been a few people we have just randomly came in contact with on the street walking around that really wanted to hear from us. Deep down in there hearts they have been praying and praying for the opertunity to receive the restored gosple. As a missionary we look forward to these experiences because they do not happen alot!  My companion Elder Monson, was very much an introvert before he left on his mission just over a year ago. He didnt like to hangout with people or do things outside of going to highschool. Our personalities are NOTHING alike, yes I loved my alone time, but I also did not love to just sit around. If he didnt tell me he was an introvert at home I never would have been able to tell, hes not afraid to talk to random people and thats a good thing, because we do that alot. But also, I am so much more outgoing than him. I am very enthusiatic and he is more of a deep thought type of person and doesnt say much unless he has too. Definitly alot I can learn from him though.  It rained a few days here last week but nothing to crazy and it hasnt really been that cold yet which has been good. Definitly very humid compared to Saint George, pretty much feels like its raining when its cloudy here, but its just the humidity.  This week I got to help this old guy in our ward build some cabinets for his upstairs storage area in his house. When we called him on wednesday to see if there was a time we could come meet with him, he told us he was very busy and stumped with a project he was working on, so he didnt have time for us. Then we asked him what he was working on, and he said some cabinets. I told him all about my background and explained to him I could help, he didnt really believe me until we showed up the next morning and I actully helped him engineer how these sliding door will work. It was definitly the highlight of my week. 😎
I know ive added 2nd Nephi 32 in one of my emails before, but when you have a chance you should read it again :))


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