September 16, 2021




Elder Kearns

Elder Labrum-Week 4- Home MTC

       I have been able to experience so many miracles in the first month that I've been a missionary. Although I've been at home I have not only seen blessings in my life but also others lives. First of all, I have grown more spiritual in 30 days than probably my whole life. I have also learned more spanish in 30 days than all of my 3 years of highschool combined. Highschool Spanish has definitely come in handy with conjugating verbs and some words that aren't about the gospel that are important to know. Also I know the gift of tongues is real. We have practice lessons we have to teach in full spanish and sometimes all I do is open my mouth and I know what to say. And then sometimes google translate and I are best friends. I wasn't so sure about this whole Home MTC thing when I first found out that I wouldn't be going to mexico. But, even though I didn't get the chance to make it to the Mexico MTC, my experience has still been amazing.      This week was quite craziness in my district, some Elders in my district have been being disrespectful and belittling the Sister missionaries. This has been going on since the first week, and I finally stood up for them and told the teacher something needed to change. Not only was it affecting the sisters, it was affecting everyone. Without going into too much detail about this subject, I'm just going to say that our district went for 12 to 7 missionaries yesterday. I am so grateful for my amazing MTC companion Elder Kearns.      I only have 8 more days in the MTC and hopefully I will make it straight to Guatemala.  😎
Below is One of my favorite scriptures from last week. That has not only helped me realize that when the Spirit tells you something you should probably do it. But I know this scripture has helped others. 

And yes I wear a shirt and tie every day, I just don't take very many pictures during class when I'm actually wearing them. Pictures:1-2: Fishing at sand hollow with cutty. 3-4: Went to enterprise with my dad and brother on P day. 5: Just me being a happy missionary. 


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