December 18, 2017


Sao Gabriel


Elder Fernando

From the field

so, I notice that my spelling is really bad in my emails and stuff but it’s because I’m typing on a crap Brazilian keyboard and I’m way too lazy to go back and fix it so just stay with me.

so, this week I almost got freakin kissed by an Irma because that’s what they do to greet here. I was walking down the street and she just grabbed my face and almost got me but ya know me just being clutch and stuff totally stopped it holy cow bless my life thank goodness, I have the spirit. and then we went to one of our appointments and they just kept throwing cake on my plate, so I ate like 8 pieces of cake and it was good cake but too much and then coke. and then 2 days later we went back, and they STILL had left overs haha, so I had to eat 6 more holy cow. still not fat yet. however, the dessert here is pretty good as long as it doesn’t have cow tongue in it.

our investigators are doing alright. zuma wants to be baptized but here in brazil it costs a lot of money to get married and also it takes a while to process legally so everyone isn’t married and to be baptized you have to be legally married if you have a "husband" so she finna gotta make it happen but idk if she will, hopefully she does and also that sofado zuma didn’t go to church either. anyways, we found a guy that murdered someone 30 years ago but says he wants to change his life so hopefully he will be approved by the Prophet. we also went caroling and me and elder Rawson were singing in English so that was fun. haha.

and finally, sorry this email is kind of long but, I have found the keys to the mission.
first is be super weird and funny and then everything will work out. just be happy. it’s so funny to say weird stuff to the other sisters and elders. and that’s the only key I’ve found hah

anyways, my mom send Swedish fish last week and they’re amazing so anyone that wants to bless a life can reimburse me haha.

love you guys here’s some good pics, this computer only lets me send 4

Elder Anderberg


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