November 27, 2017


Sao Gabriel


Elder Fernando

First Week in the Field

haha alright first week here was exhausting i was not used to walking tons everyday and just idk why im so tired but its all good. the first day here we got our companions mine is elder Fernando, hes an African from Mozambique. hes a nice guy. we get along but it was sad saying goodbye to elder Ireland i almost cried i love that man. 

so when i walked into my apartment my first thought was this sucks but now i think its really nice because some people live in pretty much unlivable environments which is super sad. but i thought i knew Portuguese and i don't haha its a lot harder to understand but im gonna keep trying. we walk a ton. it takes about an hour to get to a part of our area so that's fun haha no its super cool out here. we have taught like 3 lessons but when we went back for another lesson they weren't home so we will keep trying. its super hot here but all good I'm super excited for the winter. the roads are just rocks in the ground so they suck to walk on  so uneven but running out of time this place is pretty cool and i finally have some pics. haha just joking can't figure it out

here's my mailing address 

Caixa Postal 40
Centro-São Gabriel-RS 97300-000


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