November 10, 2017


Sao Paulo Brazil MTC


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Alrighty One Week Left in MTC

Ok so this week revealed the true colors of the Brazil MTC. haha i miss the Provo one so much mostly because of the new classroom which was awesome. these ones are so boring lol. and the chairs aren't rolling and they don't have cushions lol I'm not actually complaining lol. and happy birthday to my parents. love you guys. i am so sick of beans and rice tooo i know i said i loved it last time but it is nao bom now. although today we had chicken and beef kabobs. (i think it was beef) so that was super good. but yes the low pressure showers and horrible beds back at Provo are worth the classroom. 
not much changed this week from last. pretty much the days here are all the same so i can't remember anything that happened. all i do everyday is go to class, teach a lesson, and try to understand different tenses and conjugations in Portuguese. I've figured out that when i study Portuguese it makes it easier to speak it. shocker. work paying off lol. just joking i love being on a mission its super awesome and super funny. i miss you all and I'm gonna send pics in like a week or two i have some good ones. one being me (fake) proposing to elder Ireland in front of the temple. its pretty solid. me and elder Ireland are super tight. hes hilarious just with what he says in Portuguese in front of teachers. like idk just nobody would say stuff that dumb besides me hahah. 
love elder anderberg


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