November 3, 2017


Sao Paulo Brazil MTC


Other Elder Ireland

Beans and Rice

alright so got to the Brazil mtc this week. walked in and totally thought this place was going to blow. then i had my first day and this place is sweet. the food is way better than Provo. i did not expect beans and rice to be this good(i guess anything could be good after Provo food) but they put this seasoning or something in the beans and they're pretty good. then they have weird meat to go with every meal which is hit or miss. but the beds are way better and the showers have so much pressure its awesome. my new companion is the other Elder Ireland the one with bowel problems but i think hes over it and is left with a lot of extra laxatives. so i think were going to pull some pranks which will be super funny. we taught like 5 lessons yesterday and it was exhausting. but the Portuguese is coming along nicely. i have to actually study which i have never done in my life lol but its all good. its kind of fun learning something useful. I'm not allowed to send pictures either because the wifi here is so bad i guess it would crash every computer lol. so lame. but its alright. there's this drink here called Guarana which is a soda without has a chemical in it that makes it worse than coffee is what I've heard. so I've been loading up on that stuff. pretty good when I'm exhausted. went to the Sao Paulo temple today. super pretty. i will send pics when i get to my mission. the basketball court here is outdoors which is awesome. the city has a few modernized buildings but the rest are super ghetto and nasty. super cool stuff. 

anyways, love you guys

elder anderberg


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