October 28, 2017


Provo MTC


Elder Ireland

Time for Brazil

Alright, so yesterday my name was on the board and I was told to head to the travel center. Turns out I'm going to Brazil on Monday. I'm super pumped but now it's real and I'm going to have to speak Portuguese a lot more. Hopefully it'll help me learn faster. 

Anyways, this week was pretty good. That same kid still has not cleansed his bowels lol. He went to the dr and got some special laxatives and it still hasn't happened. Last week I told you guys we were going to attempt to throw a table in this elders bed as a prank. Well, we did. it was hilarious. He always takes forever to get ready for bed which is why we prank him every night. So yes, his reaction was priceless once again but we have ran out of good pranks so im happy were going to brazil. hopefully there will be some better pranks available. 

Class this week was pretty productive. We got two new people to teach. We were talking to one of the investigators and she kept falling asleep because we werent asking any questions to get her involved I guess. And the worst thing is is that our teacher is acting as our investigator so she's the one simulating the whole thing. Anyway, it was a good experience and helped us learn. 

I can't really think about anything else that happened this week. I'm pumped for Brazil though. It'll be super cool. Portuguese is coming along a little better. i forgot to take pics this week but will take some for next week. 

Love Elder Anderberg


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