December 27, 2021


Montreal, , Canada


Elder Braithwaite

Merry Christmas ?

Hey y'all little late to the show but merry Christmas hope the holiday season went well for everyone!
Things were interesting for me I ended up getting transfered right before Christmas to a new area named Mont saint hillaire, just outside of Montréal. My new companion is elder bird 🐦. He's pretty cool he's from pocatello Idaho.
So yeah I was a little sad to get transfered right before Christmas because we had plans with all of our friends and lots of members. But when I got here the ward was super welcoming, lots of them even got me so gifts for Christmas so that was super nice of them. Our landlords here is actually a old couple from France who are members so that fun to hear the different accent. 
These three guys we found named: Ivan, Christopher, and Stephane are mega homies. They are from this tiny island called Rodrigues. I challenge you to find it its just Madagascar. But they are super cool they have some major potential. As well one of them looks the the musician Thundercat, if you know him. 
Something funny that happened is one night we went to have a meal with some members and the next morning they called us, their daughter has covid. So we had to quarantine for 2 days until one of us could get tested. Miraculously elder brid tested negative, and he was sitting right next to the lady that had it. It was super weird to be in full quarantine again, I felt like I had no idea what to do. But it's all good we're back in business. 
It's was fun before I left Sherbrooke we were running all around to say goodbye to our friends / members. This one guy gave me a European licence plate, as well he threw a couple axes into this target while I was there. I also got to say bye to the bishop right before he had a meeting online with he stake president. So he was in a shirt and tie and sweatpants. It was a true online mtc fit, fit goes hard.
Anyways that's really all for now we got transfer news and I'm getting a new companion, his name is elder fletcher, I think I picked him up from the airport. So that should be fun rip elder bird 🐦. Hope you all have a great week and a happy new year. 🐣🐣
1. Jimmy Moore (dart champion, with one eye)2. Serge the greatest ward missionary ever.3. Les gars4. Pascal, my québécoise teacher5. Évêque (bishop) Bergeron


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