September 5, 2017



Elder Cloward

Transfers staying in Orhei

Hello Everyone!

This week was really interesting. Both Elder Cloward and I were really sick so it was a struggle to do much, but we made it through. For some reason the past couple of weeks drunk people have been really attracted to us and they always want to strike up a conversation. It hasn't really happened to me this frequently, but there have been some interesting conversations and for some reason when people are durnk they only seem to be able to speak Russian haha. It is really weird and I'm not sure why because when they aren't drunk they mainly speak Romanian here in Orhei. One drunk man during independance day knew we were American and I told him we didn't speak Russian so all he did was give us a little pat on the shoulder and he said Bill Clinton and then he lumbered off haha. Another guy for the National Language Holiday sang the National song to us and it was pretty funny.

It was really awesome this Sunday we were able to visit Alina, a member that lives 45 minutes away in Rezina. She is a super strong and awesome member, but we just don't have the ability to visit her as often as we would like. It has been nearly a year since someone last visited her, so it was a really good experience and you could tell she really appreciated us coming over. She has a really incredible testimony and she is such a kind girl. She found the church through a peace core volunteer from Utah after she was praying to find the truth. She had been searching through most of her youth and when she had started to pray for God to send her a servant to teach her the truth this young girl came with peace core and introduced her to the missionaries. She immediately recognized it as the truth and despite her protesting parents she was baptized when she was 18. She is now 27 and an incredibly strong member and individual.

Everything else is going well and we are just pressing on :) Ana Cristina is still going strong and she wants to become a memeber, but she also doesn't want to rush which is a good thing. It is cool she wants to take her time and to really think this out. We testified about how the Holy Ghost would be an incredible blessing in her life, and I shared a story about how it changed my life and the spirit was very strong, but she still didn't feel comfortable establishing a date. She has still been reading everyday a chapter and now she has started the Doctrine and Convenants in addition to her chapter in the Book of Mormon. She loves it and feels a great sense of peace when she reads. One concern she posed is that when she gets married she doesn't know if she gets baptized that religion would be a source of conflict. I told her that if anyone loved her truly they would be ok with her religion and that the Holy Ghost will be a great source of direction in her life and especially with that decision.

Love you all,

Elder Francis


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