August 14, 2017



Elder Cloward

Ana Cristina

Hello Everyone,

This week went well. Orhei is awesome and the memebers are the best. We went to help a sister who lives out in the countryside. She has been sick lately so we went over to do some service for her. One thing we did was bring some water to her from the local well. It was a really interesting experience using a well like that. She is a super sweet lady and she has such a funny personality. She has all these little chickens and it is so funny when she calls for them and they all gather around her for feeding time.

Elder Cloward is a good guy and we having fun. I'm glad he has a great attitude about stuff it makes easier. It was fun for us to go to Zone Conference in Chisinau and to be with other Elders. Zone Conference was good and President Hettinger is really cool. Zone Conference is always a good boost to make you feel refreshed and want to work hard again.

Sadly, Ina has been hurt lately and we haven't been able to meet with her. We will still try to meet with her this week to strenghthen her and to get her in contact with the church in Italy. She is a kind girl and I know that she will remember her experiences with the gospel fondly and she will come around eventually. Though, that was a sad experience we had an incredible experience when Ana Cristina came to church and afterwards expresssed her desire to become a member. She recognized the difference the gospel makes in the members here and she wants the same light she sees in them. I know that this is because of the Book of Mormon. We challenged her the first lesson to read it daily and she took it to heart. She has been sincrely searching it every single day. She has testified to us the change it has made in her life and I know that is has changed her heart. I've found that an investigator can not truly progress unless they read the Book of Mormon. It is such a crucial foundation to their testimony.


Elder Francis


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