August 10, 2017



Elder Cloward

I have a new companion

Hello Everyone!
This week went by so quickly! I loved being in Bucuresti. It is such a cool city I didn't not appreciate it when I got into the country. It is really busy and it was really fun to be around other missionaries haha. Since I really didn't have much to do besides going to some training meetings, whenever we were free we went outside and talked to people. It was really nice to have so many different kinds of people to talk to. When I found out I was training Elder Cloward we went outside into Herestro park by the office and we established some goals and then we went around talking to people. It was a really good experience and we actually met the Ambassador of Sedan's kids in the park haha. We ended up leaving Bucuresti at 8pm and we got back into Moldova at 5am. So we took an hour nap and then we set off back to Orhei. Luckily, the Vogelsburgs were able to drive us so we didn't have to take a maxi taxi with all of Elder Cloward's luggage.

Elder Cloward is a really nice guy and he likes comedy. He just got out of high school so it has been kind of a shock, but he has been doing really well. It's fun helping him out with the language. I love Romanian so it's been great being able to share that with him and help him feel confident enough to speak.

Everything has been going well in Orhei and I still love it here. The branch members are awesome I always love Sundays and being able to see them. I hope everything is going well with you all!


Elder Francis


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