July 25, 2017



Elder Brownell

Elder Brownell's Last few weeks

Hey Everyone!
This week was sad, but it also went well. After going over the Word of Wisdom, Ina our investigator who accepted a baptismal date, has not responded to our calls. She seemed fine after the lesson, and she took everything well. The only problem she had was that she loves Tea and she said she drank it every morning. We talked to her about finding out that this is true for herself and one way she could do that is by trying to live the Word of Wisdom for a week. She accepted the commitment, and everything seemed fine, but she hasn't responded to any calls in the past 3 days. I think we might have scared her a little with the last lesson, because she didn't quite know what it entailed to be a member of this church. We want to give her a little space this week and hopefully we can meet with her before she leaves to Italy just so we can stay in touch and be friends.

On the bright side we asked one of our English students if she would like to hear our message that has brought happiness in our lives. She accepted and we gave her a good Restoration lesson. We also invited her to church and she came. Afterwards, we talk to her about her experience and she said that there was something different about our members. She said that they had a light about them and that she felt good while she was in church. I love our members here and I know that I can always count on them to help our investigators have a positive experience at church. She is also reading the Book of Mormon so I'm really excited to meet with her again.

I attached 100 questions that the Mission President in Ukrain sent to his mission. I think they are all really good questions and Elder Brownell and I are working on answering them through the Book of Mormon for companionship study.

Everything is going well here in Orhei and we can't believe there is only one more week in the transfer. After this transfer Elder Brownell only has 4 more weeks until he is home. He is going home two weeks early because he needs to get back in time for school.

Love you all!

Elder Francis


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