June 19, 2017



Elder Loder

Theatre and investigator Dan

This week we met with a cool investigator Dan and it was really amazing to see his transformation in the hour we were with him. He has had a rough time since Easter. Around that time, his wife left him for a doctor in Galati, and his children won't return his calls. He wants to be religious, but his family does not support him. We visited him and he seemed to have a darknes around him that just weighed him down. We talked about the Atonement and Christ's love for us as individuals, and by the end of our meeting he seemed different. Even though, he was still very sad the dark depression seemed to leave him and he even smiled again by the time we left. I can't wait to meet with him again. I hope that we can continue to help him feel better about life and help him realize that he has hope.

It's kind of been a bit of a struggle lately, because all of the students have exams right now. School is just barely ending so no one really has too much time to meet. It was also really rainy Wednesday and Thursday, which was weird and even though it was actually super nice outside with the rain no one goes outside in the rain. Romanian's are super funny about the rain they avoid it like the plague haha.

This week will probably be the last week I have here. Most of the time you only stay in the city you are trained one transfer afterwards to help the next Elder know how to get around. I'm excited to leave since I've not really seen any other part of Romania, but I love it here as well. With President Titi back it will do a lot better and hopefully he will be able to unite the branch.

I've really enjoyed my time with Elder Loder and he is a really good guy. We have had a really good time together and it will be sad to leave him. The district here has been really cool too and we have gotten along together really well. I've served with Elder Quist my entire time since we came out here to Galati from the MTC. I'm curious where we will both go.

The first picture is Andrei who is a super cool guy. He is a bit of a smercher, but he is just trying to figure his life out. For some reason he likes me a lot and he told me just call him up if anyone tries to mess with us haha. The second one is of the abandoned theater in the back of the church during a stormy night.

Love you all,

Elder Francis


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