May 29, 2017



Elder Loder

Two Boys on a bus

Hey Everyone,

This week was a pretty great week with a lot of good conversations. I'm super excited for these two young guys Ionuti and Teodor that we met on the bus. They are really cool and when we were talking to them about the Book of Mormon, Ionuti made the connection that if we read the Book of Mormon with the Bible that we can have a clearer understanding of Christ and his doctrine. It was really cool to see him make that connection, and to be excited about it. I can't wait to meet him tomorrow and talk more about the Restoration and why it was necessary.

We also talked to Gabe this week about his goals in life. He wants to be better and to make positive changes so we have been thinking of ways to help him. The Ivory's gave us a really cool tool as missionaries to set goals called the 42 day chart. So we decided to change the 42 day chart and to put categories that would matter to him, so that he could have something to help him be accountable daily to the goals he set. He really liked it and we have also started sending him one scripture a day from our personal studies.

Also, I would highly recommend the talk What is the Blueprint of Christ's Church by Tad Callister, if you have not read that recently. It is an amazing talk that really outlines the foundation of the organization of the church through scriptures. It is quite incredible and it provides a powerful witness of the Restoration.

Love you all,

Elder Francis


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