March 27, 2017



Elder Wilkes


Hey Everyone,

This week was interesting. I went on exchanges with Elder Quist and it went quite well. We did really well and had a lot of good conversations. The only thing that was a struggle was talking on the phone without Elder Wilkes to help haha. I hate talking on the phone in Romanian, because our phone is awful and usually their phone is awful as well, so it is super difficult to hear anyone properly. You end up just kind of guessing what they want. If it is a random number they are probably calling for english and if it is someone you know you can kind of guess what they are calling for haha. Other than that we did well. We met up with "no name" walking on the faleza. He is this older guy and he likes to talk to us, but whenever we ask for his name he says it isn't important. We have talked to him a few times here and there and he is really nice. Yesterday, we ended up running into him again walking with his son who is probably in his late 40's. It was funny when we asked his son what his name was he responded, "Why does that matter?" Like father like son I guess haha.

We also went to Iaşi and it was really cool. Iaşi is quite a lot bigger than Galaţi and there are a lot of younger people there, because of all the Universities. It was interesting to talk to them, because they are quite open to new ideas. Galaţi has a few Universities as well, but not as many. We went street boarding on Strada Unirii, and it was fun. There were quite a lot of people walking around and we had a lot of great conversations. Our board said "How happy are you from 1-10 and why." It was fun to see their responses and it was a great way to get conversations started. Since, Zone Conference we have been doing what we call Restoration Pops, which is pretty much a 5 minute executive summary of the Restoration lesson. It is really powerful and an awesome experience. Anyone who asks us what we are doing here we say, we are volunteers for our church then we ask them if they would like to hear a 5 minute summary of the basis of our religion. Usually, if they stop and we have a good conversation they will say yes and since it is only 5 minutes people are usually willing to listen even if they are in a hurry. It is a really powerful experience to be able to share the Restoration with so many people.

Also, I finally finished everything and filed for my Residency Permit, which is great, so I'll go to pick it up in 35 days :)


Elder Francis


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