March 20, 2017



Elder Wilkes

Elder Wilkes Birthday

This week was my companion's birthday! His mom sent his super a super generic american cake mix, which was fun. It was good, and we brought the cake the district meeting. All four of us ate the entire thing. I didn't feel super good afterwards for a while. I'm still not sure if it was worth it haha.

The past couple weeks the other Elder's have been working with this really cool girl from English. She has come to church the past couple weeks and she wants to get baptized. She is super kind and she said that she was never super religious, but when she came to church she felt a really nice peace and she didn't know why, but she wanted to come back. We have been helping the other Elder's with lessons with her and she is super cool and responds so well to everything as if she has known it her whole life. When we went over the commandments she was so prepared and has already been keeping the Word of Wisdom and the Law of Chastity. It's pretty incredible and she is going to be baptized the first week of April!

The last two weeks we have had 7 investigator friends at church, which is incredible. The most before was 2 or 3. The last two weeks we have had 4 children at church. They are crazy, and pretty hard kids because I don't think they have really any parental supervision. They come to the beginners English course with the other Elders and they really like being in the church. We are trying to help them out a little and to teach them here and there. I think it can really help their lives and help them in the future.I hope we can have a good impact on their lives so that they can have a better life as they grow up. One kid Teo is super cool and has helped us clean the church the last two weeks. He wants to learn more and we are going to try to teach his family since he said they would be interested. He is the nicest one of the four and you can tell he has a better family at home. A solid home really makes a difference in a child's life.

We also visited our Branch President in the hospital. He had surgery for his ankle. I've only met him twice because he has been injured for a long time and hasn't recovered so he had to get surgery. We brought him flowers and he is super cool. Fratele Stancu was at church this week too, which was amazing. He is so cool. He just had surgery last week and usually people wouldn't make an effort to come after something life that. He has a lot of faith and is so kind. He just does what is right.

We also went to his house and gave his wive's friend a blessing. She has problems at home with her husband and she needed comfort. It was cool she said she felt a lot of peace and comfort after the blessing and it really shocked her how much it helped. We are trying to get into contact with her again.

Fratele Tase is also leaving to the UK for his work. He is a good guy and has always been super solid. He always comes to church and is a great help. We will miss him.

The exchange in Iasi got pushed back to this Thursday so that will be fun. Also tomorrow Elder Quist and I are having an exchange. We are both in our first transfer so it will be a lot of fun. I can have a solid conversation and I usually understand most of all people say unless it is something just out there haha. Romanian's love to get off topic and just talk about the most random crazy stuff haha.


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