March 6, 2017



Elder Wilkes

Flowers on the Street

Hey Everyone,

So this week was fun we went on exchanges. So I went with Elder Jacboson and we pretty much went contacting the entire day. It went well and we met a lot of cool people. Elder Jacobson is super bold and just talks to everyone. It's pretty funny when he sees someone he just sticks his hand out while almost yelling, "Buna Zuia!" even if they are like 20 meters away haha. It kind of freaks people out sometimes since no one really does anything like that. Plus he is a pretty big guy and very obviously American haha. It is really cool how he really is upfront and talks to everyone we pass. I felt good about my speaking that day and we worked well together switching back on forth when we were talking with someone.

Yesterday, we did a very good job at talking to a lot of people on the Faleza and we had a lot of quality conversations. We spoke to this one family and they were all on a bench sitting down with the roller blades on. It's really funny how everyone roller blades all over the place here. The father wasn't interested, but his wife really was. We gave her a Book of Mormon and she promised us that she would read it and come to church this Sunday. She was really nice and seemed sincere when she promised us. It's funny she doesn't watch TV, she doesn't have Facebook, or a cellphone and she was pretty shocked when we told her were were doing the same for two years. Since she doesn't have a phone it will be hard to check up on her, but I'm excited to see if she comes to church this Sunday.

We also talked to this really young Pentacostal couple and they were super cool. They were so kind and happy I loved talking to them. They didn't want a Book of Mormon, but they listened to our message and were really happy to see someone our age going around talking to people trying to share our message. Meeting people like them can make your day, because they are just so nice and pleasant to talk to.

We also talked to this guy on the Faleza Cosmin. He was super cool and he is studying to be a dentist funnily enough. He is in his last semester and he is planning to specialize in Pediatric Dentistry. He said he wants to help the children so that they grow up with good dental habits, since most people in Romania who are old have serious dental problems. He is super busy, but he is super nice and I hope we can find a time to meet him this week.

This last week Traian, a less active member, has been really kind to us and very helpful. He called us for Marţişor and told us about the holiday and how it would be a good day to go contacting. So, the district got together with Traian and we bought flowers to give to women. It is pretty much a day for giving small little presents to women to show our appreciation for them. We also tied a spiritual thought onto the flower with a ribbon and on the back of the spiritual thought we put the church's address and when we have service. We also brought a lot of Books of Mormons to give to people who were interested. Traian was super helpful when we went contacting and we are planning to do the same thing for Mother's Day the 8th this week. We also had a really good lesson with him about goals and the temple. He said he really loves the church and wants to share the gospel with everyone, but he just doesn't have time since he works on Sunday.

Varstnicul (Elder) Francis


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