July 23, 2018



Elder Ribitski


Hello Everyone!
This week was awesome. We were able to have the Kumfermans down here to visit us in Moldova. They blocked out an entire week to come and visit us and to have interviews. It was an awesome experience and they are amazing. After having 3 Mission Presidents I've started to realize that they are all very different, but they are all amazing people in different ways. The Ivory's were incredibly organized and taught us so many incredible life skills and lessons. The Hettingers were full of so much love and support and really knew how to minister one by one. The Kumfermans are also incredibly kind and President's background as a Professor makes him an incredible teacher of the gospel and missionary work. It was also really cool to seem him interacting with the members on another level, because he speaks Russian fluently. The members loved him and it really made an incredible difference. He was also a convert to the church at the age of 18 and he really connects with people on a personal level. It was amazing to have them both down here and it was a great blessing for all of us and the members here.

I really loved how President Kumferman shared his conversion story with the Branches for church. It was really powerful and cool for him to testify of all the blessings he has seen in his life since he has joined the church. He also noted that it was one courageous friend that really helped him. The first time he took the lessons from the missionaries about the Restoration he was throughly unimpressed with Joseph Smith, and he thought that it was just like every other church, which has a "miraculous beginning" such as Allah visiting Mohammed in the Muslim faith. His friend really felt impressed to keep trying to contact President Kumfeman, but President was doing everything in his power to avoid him. He even told his family to say he wasn't home if he called. Everyone got the message, but his little sister who a couple months later picked up the phone and told his friend that President Kumferman was home. He told President that he knew he was trying to avoid him, but that if he gave it one more chance to listen to the missionaries and he didn't like it he would leave him alone forever. He ended up taking one more lesson to get him off his back and it was the Plan of Salvation, which answers three questions, Where do we come from? , Why are we here? , and Where do we go after this life? He was amazed as the missionaries unfolded a wonderful Plan of Happniess from God that includes everyone even those who have never heard about Christ or his gospel. He loved it and from that time he took the rest of the lessons as quickly as it took to go from lesson 1-2.

Elder Francis


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