July 2, 2018



Elder Ribitski

Kiev Ukraine Mission

Hello Everyone!
This week was awesome, and Elder Smith and I were able to go to Kyiv for MLC. It was an amazing experience discussing as a council with 3 missions (Kyiv, Lyviv, Moldova) how we want to move forward as a mission and to take the best practices from each mission. No one was scared of change and trying to hold on to previous things that the past mission did, but everyone was together trying to build the mission. President and Sister Kumferman were also amazing and we could feel their love for us immediately. I can't wait to have them here in Moldova.
We were also able to go to the temple for a session! The temple was an amazing experience and both Elder Smith and I were very grateful for the opportunity to go. It really brought an incredible perspective to missionary work that I personally needed. We are not here to just baptize, but we want to help them progress to get to the temple. I've always known that we don't stop at baptism, but the temple always seemed so far away for many people including me, and going really brought it to my mind again as such an important piece of the gospel.

Random things:
I saw a member from Orhei in the temple session, and she was really confused to see me and we were not able to talk afterwards haha.

As we were boarding the plane back to Moldova we saw one of the church's wheelchairs on the tarmac.
We visited a member a couple hours away from Chisinau. We were 2 kilometers from the border with Romania. We brought him a new water pump for his garden.


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