June 11, 2018



Elder Ribitski


Hey Everyone!
This week went well and I was able to go back to Balti for a little bit. Balti is the second biggest city here in Moldova and it is up north close to the border. Everyone speaks russian there so we only have 4 russian Elders posted up there, but we decided to go up for an exchange. It is an extremely communist city, and it is super interesting to be there. Everyone has a different mentality and loves Russia it is super weird sometimes. We had a great time though and got a lot of work done. The youth over there is awesome. One member, Olga, will go on a mission in 40 days. She will actually be coming to our mission haha, so technically even though she will be in Ukraine it will be her home mission.

This transfer for the mission change the theme has been "Beauty to Ashes" - Isaiah 61:3. This was also the theme for the Provo City Center Temple as well. I love how beauty comes from destruction and change, and sometimes it is necessary for growth. Just like the current bush that needed to get cut down to grow, we will grow and see the blessings of the change. Here is the link to the current bush video I love this-
I also attached the letter that they sent to us a while ago as we prepared for the final transfer in the mission. In light of the change for Zone conference we decided to get a Moldovan flag for the Hettingers and every missionary wrote a small little note to them on it. We also all wore floral ties to symbolize life and change. At the end we gave Sister Hettinger flowers and President Hettinger his own floral tie. This Friday we were told that we will have another quick Zone Conference with the Hettingers, before they leave. It will be a lot of fun and it will be great to see them one more time. I'll also be going to Bucuresti next week for exchanges, which will be fun.

Pics are coming I promise haha
Elder Francis


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