May 22, 2018



Elder Ribitski

Going to a New Mission Area

Hello Everyone,
Friday night I received a call from President informing me that I will be going to Chisinau, Moldova, so I will not be returning to Romania again. I will only go one more time to MLC (Missionary Leadership Conference) in Bucuresti, which is a blessing that I will be able to see so many of my friends before we separate. I was pretty shocked to go back to Moldova even though I was prepared to leave. I had weird feelings that I didn't have much more time here in Brasov, so we have been really trying to get everything possible done we could this transfer. I'm very grateful for these feelings, because now I don't feel bad about what could have been. The other crazy thing, is that Elder Paul is also moving and we will not have any Elders in Brasov only 4 Sisters, which is super sad. The problem is that we have been steadily shrinking from around 100 missionaries to now 75, which will turn to be about 55 after all of Moldova separates. The ratio of Sisters to Elders has also steadily increased from about 1/4 to roughly 1/2, so we have to put the Elders in branches that do not have strong Priesthood leaders. Here in Brasov, we have quite a few very strong and active Priesthood leaders to help this branch move along. The work will move forward and regardless of what we want, this is the Lord's work and it will be accomplished.

My new companions will be Elder Smith, and Elder Ribitski (a Russian speaker from Ukraine) we will be a Zone Leader trio. They are really cool, so it will be a fun transfer. The group of Romanian Elders that will be in Moldova for the rest of their missions is : Elder Bird (my last companion and I love him to death), Elder Cromar (Elder Bird's Trainee), Elder Meek (a friend from my MTC group), Elder Marshell (Elder Meek's Trainee), Elder Smith (my comp), Elder Sewell (another friend from the MTC that just finished training someone in Galati), and Elder Gailey (a young missionary that came from Iasi). The group is super cool and fun, which will make it a really cool experience to have such a tight knit community there. It will be a really fun experience, and we will make a great culture for the Romanian Elders in the Ukraine/Kyiv mission. My goal is for us the be well known as the hardest working missionaries in the mission.

Elder Francis


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