May 14, 2018



Elder Paul

Transfers next week

Hey Everyone!
This week was pretty sad, because Monika was not able to be baptized due to concerns from her family. It has been pretty rough, but it will be ok. We will work with her and her husband just wants her to wait until they return from living outside of Brasov, which will be in Fall. She will be baptized so it doesn't matter if I do it or not. There are many more important things than who performs the ordinance as long as it gets done.
Success is not necessary a testament of how hard someone works or the truthfulness of the message that we share. There have been many times where the world rejects the message, yet the message has stayed the same and it will always be true. Leaving on my mission I really had no idea if I actually believed in the church. I made a good change in the last two semesters of college, but I really just came out here with a hope, not a knowledge. I had a horrible time in the MTC it was incredibly difficult for me, but it really shaped and made me search to truly understand what we believe and the consequences of our beliefs. If I came out here on a whim or without a testimony I would have gone home by now. It would be such a huge waste of my time to stand out on the streets teaching something that I don't even believe. I would not only waste money, but my time and effort. This work is extremely important and I'm grateful to be a small part of it here in Romania. I love the people here and there are so many incredible members that seem to just put so much work into the church and get so little out of it. If they didn't see the truthfulness of the message we share, they would also be wasting a lot of money, and countless hours. I know that no matter the opposition we face or the trials in our lives that this gospel will bring a peace and a reassurance that cannot be found elsewhere. I also know that God spoke to prophets, and that he currently speaks to prophets just as in times of old. I also know that miracles have not ceased and that this is a church of miracles. This gospel can be hard, but nothing that is truly worthwhile is easy. That is why we came to this Earth, so that through these experiences we can be made strong.

I love you guys, and I hope Mother's Day was great. I loved that I was able to talk to my family for the last time on my mission. Next time will be in person for Christmas :) Next week is transfers, so we will see what happens. There are a lot of changes, because this next transfer will be the last transfer as the Romania/Moldova Mission.


Elder Francis


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