May 1, 2018



Elder Paul

A beautiful Day

Hey everyone!

This week went really well, and we are happy that Monika is still on her way to baptism. The sisters were able to go over for a bit to meet her a little bit more and it was great. She is such a kind person and so loving. We also had a wedding this Friday for a nice Sister in the branch. She is super sweet and he is a fairly recent convert that found the church in England while he was working. They are both great and they are preparing to go to the temple in Saint George where her son lives. It was a lot of fun and great to see how happy they were. Casa de piatra means "house of rock" and it is a saying when someone gets married. It pretty much means that we hope it will last and be strong like a rock. I really love all the little sayings in Romanian that are polite I wish that something like that existed in English.

Today, was pretty crazy and we took four of my favorite guys from Bucuresti and Ploiesti hiking to the cross in Busteni. It was a bit more than we were anticipating and poor Dani struggled on the way up, but we made it safely and it was an incredible view. Definitely, one of the coolest hikes I've ever been on with some incredible views along the way. (Dani Firaru- a member in Mihai Bravu that is awesome, Gheorge- Another member in Mihai Bravu that will go to Manchester this June for his mission, Elder Wilkes (my trainer), and Elder Ward (a cool missionary that I knew in Bucuresti) It was really cool to see them and it was a close place for all of us to meet. Dani right now is kind of dying and decided to get a hotel in Busteni where we hiked, because he could barely move haha.

Everything is going great here in Brasov. We didn't have a crazy amount of success this week, but this next week will be a lot better. It is interesting how some weeks you just don't really run into people that will listen or that are interesting and that other weeks it happens pretty often. It will be better this next week, and we can't really complain when we have someone as cool as Monika to work with haha.

Love you all,

Elder Francis


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