April 16, 2018



Elder Bird

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Hello Everyone!
This week went well and I'm enjoying my time with Elder Paul. For Easter we sent out a text to everyone in the phone telling them Happy Easter and asking if they would like to meet up, and we got quite a few responses, so this week was pretty busy. Next week is a bit silly, because we will leave Wednesday to Iasi again for exchanges, and we come back Saturday after Zone Conference. Transportation is pretty bad and the times are highly inconvenient for getting back relatively quickly, so we lose this whole next week haha. Tuesday is really packed though, which is great. We will meet with Monika as well to re-establish a baptismal date. We just couldn't get it all done fast enough, because she leaves out in the country side every weekend and we will be gone all next week, so we are just going to try for the 3rd of May. She is the best and I always love going over to her house it is the closest place to home here.
Today, we also visited Castle Bran, more widely known as Dracula's castle. It was pretty small and a huge tourist trap, but I'm glad that we visited. They really liked to play on the Dracula story, even though Vlad Tepes, the Romanian leader that inspired Bram Stocker to write Dracula, only passed through a couple times. It is pretty ridiculous, but what can you do. It was still fun to visit a castle though haha.
Elder Cloward was down here in Brasov for a little bit to pick up his residency permit, so I got to see him for a couple hours. He is doing great and I'm super proud of him. It is crazy that he is going to hit his year mark next transfer I can't believe it. My trainer is also finishing his mission this transfer, which is equally as crazy. Time flys by and we have to try to make the most of it. 2 years seemed like a long time, but it has rushed by and it is easy to let it slip away, but I want to try to make each day better than the last. Make everyday your masterpiece -Elder Kramer.
Love you all!

Elder Francis


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