February 19, 2018



Elder Trottier

Our Mission Office is moving to Hungary

Hey everyone!
This week a lot of weird things happened. We have been meeting with this Romanian guy in France through Skype and he was pretty crazy. He had a baptismal date and we were trying to make sure he has understood the lessons. He understood the gospel, but regardless of how many times we told him the church couldn't help him get to America he didn't really understand. He thought we were lying to him, and he kept seeing if we were just unwilling to help when we told him the church couldn't do anything for him. It was also interesting, because he loved to just talk about random things as well during the lessons such as his black market job in France and that he is actually illegally there haha. Since, he didn't really know French he went to church and the French Elders said he only said 4 things, "Here at church, 5 euro, prostitution, and Freddy Mercury" I'm not really sure what that all means and everyone else was also confused as well haha.
Sadly, we have been super busy with random things and Facebook so we haven't really been able to find anyone cool. Hopefully, we can meet up with a couple of people that I met this last week and something will happen. We will see Nick this week and we really want to try to rekindle the fire that was in him before he stopped meeting with us. He is pretty depressed right now and is lacking the light that he found when we were meeting. It is super sad to see him struggling when he was doing so well just a couple weeks ago.

Elder Francis


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