December 18, 2017



Elder Huntsman

The battle with Telekom

Hello Everyone,

Today, is the day that a lot of our problems are solved here in the office. We have had a 2 year battle with Telekom (our phone service provider) and finally we have won! Last year we went through a huge legal process to switch phone service providers to save the church money and we thought it was all over then, but when our contract with Telekom was about to end and we were preparing for the big switch Telekom appeared with another contract that locked us in until mid summer next year. We did a lot of searching and backtracking trying to find the contract in our files and we couldn't find anything. We looked at the contract that just suddenly appeared out of thin air and we found a myriad of problems with it. The signature seemed like it was electronically copied and pasted on every page of the document. Also, after intense legal delegations how could we have not found the most recent contract a year ago when we were signing with another service provider. There was also a 6 month overlap with this "new" contract and the contract that we were aware of, so we contacted the Financial Secretary that supposedly signed this contract he said that he would never have signed an overlapping contract. Lastly, he informed us that his name was even spelled wrong on the last page of the contract with the empowerment that allowed him to sign it instead of President Ivory.

We showed all these problems to President Hettinger and he told us to call them out for forging a contract. We gave them a legal notice that if they didn't present an original copy of this new contract by the 15th of December that we would not pay the early termination fees. They told couldn't find it and so now we are not obligated to pay them anything :) It was pretty silly for us to have to deal with this, but we can only involve the church's lawyers if they cost is over 45,000 USD and since we are so small the contract was only 15,000 USD, but it is a huge portion of our budget that we couldn't afford.

The second major problem solved is that our AP is coming back to Romania! We finally got his visa for him. It has been pretty lonely without him in the office. We have all missed him. It will be good to have him back.

We also said goodbye to our friend Adam, who was baptized a couple weeks ago. He is going back to Poland for Christmas and then to Spain. He is a great guy and I always love hearing his prayers. They are always super humble and sincere. He always starts by saying where he is and who he is with then he talks about different things coming up in his life and his friends lives'. He really just has a conversation with God. It is really cool to see and it makes me want to have my prayers be more sincere. Even though we can be in the habit of praying we do not need to habitually pray. I really want to work on being sincere instead of just praying to pray, because that is what we are told to do.

Love you all,

Elder Francis


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