December 2, 2017



Elder Huntsman


Hello Everyone,

This week was pretty fun. I went on exchanges with Elder Quist and Elder Huntsman went with Elder Loder. It was cool to see those two again. They came down to Bucuresti and we had a good time. We knocked on some students dorms that are massive. I love knocking dorms usually there are about 7 floors with 30 rooms or more each floor. Every single door that opens you have a really good conversation with a cool person. It was a lot of fun and a good change up from most of the blocks that consist of very old people. It was fun to have a lot of good conversations and to find people that are young and open. College students are pretty atheist here as well as probably most parts of the world, but they are always really open to new ideas and to talk about things.

We also had Thanksgiving as a zone down here in Bucuresti, which was awesome. All the wonderful senior couples made us a ton of food it was incredible. It felt like a Thanksgiving back at home. It was also cool to see all the other missionaries from the zone. I'll try to find some pictures and I'll get them to you guys.

This last Saturday we went to a rugby match to support a member who was playing. It was Romania vs Tonga. It was a really good match and brutal. They are serious athletes it is incredible how fast they are for how big they are as well. I really appreciated the game and it was a good time. We invited Adam who is this really tall Polish guy the AP's have been teaching. He is a really funny guy he has a date to be baptized on the 2nd with Nick. One fun fact is that he loves Pikachu. He has so many different things with Pikachu on it, he even has this huge Pikachu one piece pajama costume. He is 6'7 as well so it is really funny when he wears it. He is just a big kind lovable giant that really doesn't care what other people think. He is a really cool guy.

We were also able to meet with Nick a couple times this week. He is doing really well, and he has been winning his fight with smoking. It's been really cool to see his progress and he has gotten really close to Nate a young guy from the branch who is preparing to go on a mission. It has been really nice having Nate to help fellowship him.

This past week we have been really focusing on Christmas and we have a cool activity called Light the World. On the church website there is a video about service and there is also a calendar. The calendar shows you something you can do to help someone every day in December leading up to Christmas. I really like this program where we can prepare for the true meaning of Christmas by doing what Christ did, service.

Elder Nicholas Francis


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