October 30, 2017



Elder Huntsman

Block Knocking

Hey Everyone!

This week went well even though we had a lot to do. This coming week we will have a big mission tour so we had to prepare everyone and get all the travel situated. It is all good now and hopefully we will be able to get out of the office more. We have this goal as a district to block one scara (staircase) a day. We say a scara a day keeps President Hettinger away haha. The deal is that if we miss a day we have to buy cookies for the district. It has been going well and it was really cool I went out with two of the new trainers to block knock as a teaching session, and it went really well. We got in and taught this very sweet older lady about our purpose here on this earth and God's plan for us. I always loved to do this in Orhei, because it helps establish a common ground with most people here due to their Christian Orthodox background, but also with new insights. For example, that we have modern prophets on this earth to help guide us through tumultuous times, and also the fact that since it is a Plan of Happiness God doesn't want to condemn all of his children, but he will give them all a chance. It was really cool going out with the new trainers and it helped give them hope about having success block knocking. We ended up being late to the mission home for dinner because we were teaching, but it was really cool having the new missionaries see that good things happen every day and you could tell it gave them hope and comfort for the future.

Yesterday, we watched a movie, Prophet of the Restoration, with our friend Nick. He is a really good guy and is honestly searching for truth and peace of mind in a crazy world. We have been meeting with him quite frequently and everything is going well. It is hard to know where to go in this world and what to think about the purpose of life and what comes after this life. He has felt lost for a while and he still feels like he is in the dark. It is interesting how God never just shows us what we need to do and where we need to go exactly. He gives us enough guidance for us to take the first step even if we can't really see where we are going. Once we take this step we are shown a little more enough to help us take the next step. How we show our faith is by taking that step into the darkness and following the guidance we are given. When we look back we will be able to see the hand of God in our lives and that he never left us alone, but that he was with us the entire way, even though we didn't realize it at the time. Nick right now is taking those first couples steps and as he keeps going he will see the confusion fade away, because God is not the author of confusion. The truth is founded in very simple principles and based in very simple things, but by small and simple things great things come to pass.

I love Bucuresti it is super cool! Also, Elder Vashchenko got his nose broken by Elder Huntsman the other day while wrestling. It was pretty brutal. I'll send you some pictures of Bucuresti it is super pretty.
Love you all,

Elder Francis


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