October 23, 2017



Elder Huntsman

Mission Office

Hello Everyone!

This week was a little bit crazy and we are still dealing with Transfers. Today, is when everyone is scheduled to move around. It has been going smoothly so far with only one train delayed. I'm enjoying my time here in Bucuresti it is a lot of fun to be around other Elders. There has been a lot of office work because of transfers and we also have a mission tour to schedule. We have still been able to get out and about to talk to people and it has been great. There are so many people everywhere! It is such a big city I really like it so far even though driving has been a nightmare lately. There are so many cars everywhere and you always have to fit through really small gaps.

One cool experience is we talked to this guy from Moldova Nick. He is a really nice guy and he came to church with us. He had a lot of questions that were really good and he enjoyed coming with us. I'm really excited to meet with him again he is a really cool guy.

Sorry for the lack of pictures I'll send you all the ones from Orhei! Bucuresti is super cool and I'm excited to be here. I'll end up spending quite a lot of time here, which will be fun. You can find any sort of food it is amazing haha.
Some more pictures. Ana Cristina invited us over before I left, which was cool. Her family is super nice. Also something interesting is that Taco Bell opened up here in Bucaresti. Everyone went and my companion Elder Huntsman was interviewed by vice magazine, which was really funny. There heard him say Elder and they confused his name with Albert.
Bucaresti has 2 branches both around 50 members sometimes more and sometimes less. The conference tour is just like a huge zone conference in Chisinau for the East and in Bucaresti for everyone else. It should be a lot of fun and we will be able to go to both, so I'll see everyone again!
Love Elder Francis


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