September 16, 2017




Elder Thayne

face to face with an Apostle!

Hello family and friends!

I am so sorry that I could not get to emailing you until now! I just finished laundry and it was a hassle trying to find and open washing machine.
Well first off I just want to say that the new counters and cabinets look awesome! It's so weird to think that everything in the house is changing haha! Don't have too much fun without me ;) I'm glad everyone is doing awesome at home, even though Dad had to work really hard on the cabinets. I'm grateful for his to me :) I also saw that Collin started school; that's crazy! Oh and I hope your date was fun! Oh and Mom good luck on the play at the elementary school! Sounds like it's coming along!

This week has been beautiful! On Tuesday we had a substitute teacher Brother Horsely! He is so fun and really spiritual! He had us all go to the abandoned T1 classrooms to kneel alone and utter a meaningful prayer to Heavenly Father! I took it to heart and prayed for a long time and then wrote my thoughts down! I know that the Spirit was strong there! I want to keep saying prayers like that in the future! Then, to top it off, Elder Dallin H. Oakes came that night to speak!!! I was super excited, because it was the first time I have been face to face with an Apostle! (Oh and yes Mom I was singing in the MTC choir). This devotional was broadcasted to 14 other MTCs, so to all my friends at other MTCs that saw it I just want to say HI!!!!

Sister Oakes gave the first talk and it was about teaching effectively. She said something profound, "No one can teach like you can!" I'm going to try to teach the way the investigators want to learn. Then, Elder Oakes gave his talk! He spoke on being set apart, teaching of the Resurrection, and teaching with the Book of Mormon! The most incredible thing about this talk was that he answered a question to that prayer I said earlier that day! I am so grateful to know that Lord will send His prophets to answer His children's prayers! :))

Other than these Spiritual experiences, all I've done this week is learn Spanish! I really think I'm getting better! As my companion and I have taught Alfonso, he has said that our Spanish is understandable! We have a lonnnnnng waaaaaay to go though haha! Pray for me :)

Well, that's pretty much it for this week! I can't wait to hear from you next week :)

Hasta luego!
Elder Overall


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