July 27, 2019


Tocumen, Panama


Elder Valladares

Mission Week 101

July 22, 2019
Here it is the last week of the mission. YIKES I can´t believe how fast it came! It´s the final countdown now.

This week was awe-mazing! We have the date set for Leslie this week on the 28th! That means that my comp and I will baptize the last day of my mission!! This week was also pretty crazy. We had meetings like everyday in the city. We had leadership council on Tuesday and on Wednesday we had interviews with President Garrett. Then the the other days we did splits with the missionaries to see how their areas were. So yeah, just a busy schedule for the week all in all. But, we had a miracle in the week and it really helped me to learn to follow the first impressions of the Spirit always! A few weeks ago I was doing Cosechas in our area on splits and I had an impression to go to a house that was also a beauty salon. After I had called one time the other missionary told me that it was just a beauty salon and that they were probably busy. I then listened to him and never thought of it since. One of the days of this week we were walking down the street by this same house and there stood a lady who lived there. She saw us then greeted us to come by. She told us that she was from Venezuela and wanted to know where the church was located. Her daughter and parents were members of the Church, but this woman wasn´t. We told her where the Church was and as Sunday came she was there early for Church. We are going to work with her! The moral of the story friends is that you should never reject the first impressions from the Spirit! You never know what blessings will come from doing so.

So, basically that is my email for the week. I know there isn´t much, but I promise that I will be making as many memories that I possibly can for my last week of the mission!
Elder Overall


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