June 16, 2019


Tocumen, Panama


Elder Ferrufino

Mission 95

June 10, 2019
Dear family,

This week was pretty cool! Although our baptism Yislainy fell at the last second, we still had a great week, all in all! This week we had leadership council in the city. All the zone leaders and the sister leaders came to discuss the goals and plans of the mission. We were also asked to teach a workshop in front of all the leaders (Que pena!) about how we bring investigators to church. This is a big difficulty that we face when we invite people to church, but it´s hard for them to complete their commitment. We discussed this topic and answered questions for about 20 minutes. I think it went pretty well.

A sad thing of this week was that we were working with Yislainy, who fell, and another investigator named Nicholle who also fell. We were really sad, because Nicholle really wants to get baptized, but her step-dad who literally has no rights whatsoever over her says that we can´t talk to her. He´s not even legally married, so I don´t know why he´s being such a jerk. Haha excuse my tongue, but really the situation isn't looking too great. We pray that the Lord will help Nicholle out, because she´s soooo ready!

Mom said that she wanted to hear cosecha stories, so I´ll tell a few. We found two miracles this week. One was a guy who was single that we asked for. As we were searching we both felt to go look at an apartment on the side of the main road. We went and found a middle-aged man who had been separated from his wife. He told us that he felt a little lonely. It was a cool experience. The other experience was that we asked for a Columbian family and after 20 or so that is exactly what we found. A Columbian family who´s married (remember that married families are very hard to find in Panama) and very humble and nice. We are excited to start teaching them tomorrow! The rest of the week was good; honestly pretty normal. Saturday we didn´t work at all in our area, because we were doing baptismal interviews all day. Sunday, Lanie got confirmed and I can tell that she´s happy about it, then to finish off the day we had a meeting with the Stake President at his house. He likes to speak to the zone leaders about missionary work in the zone, so it was cool to have that little chat with him. Then, we slept and we are on another pday! Love you all family and can´t wait to speak to you next week! :)

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