June 4, 2019


Tocumen, Panama


Elder Ferrufino

mission week 93 & 94

Hello everone!

So, sadly the family I talked to you about didn`t get sealed on Saturday, but they`re going to wait until June. It`s ok, I understand and I can wait until June :) This week was good. We were finding like crazy!!! We found 34 new investigators for the week and we expect to be finding more, so that we can prepare ouselves well for June. This weekend we are preparing a `tarde blanca`. This means that on Sunday after Stake Conference all of the companionships of Tocumen are planning on baptizing together. We hope to have for the most 20 baptisms! We are going to be working extra hard, so that this happens! This week was good. We had a meeting with President Current and the APs to get us pumped up for June. Then, we had interviews with President. I enjoyed one of my last with him. It will be weird seeing a new President coming in after being so accustomed to the first. But I guess that`s how it.

Elder Overall

Dear family and everyone else,

I`m just going to write very little this week. This was really amazing and there were many miracles in the zone. Out of nowhere baptisms just sprang up and we were able to have a white afternoon yesterday! We had stake conference so we were able to be together as a zone to do the group of baptisms. It was such a great stake conference, by the way. Elder Uceda, the Area President came to speak. He really knows great doctrine and really spoke well to the audience. After, the conference we did a group baptism of the zone. We were going to have 12, but 3 fell so we had nine baptisms. The good thing is that those that fell are going to be ready for next week! We also have more possibilites for next week. It should be an awesome next week!

We did splits this week with a lot of the Elders, because we wanted to meet their baptisms. They are really cool people! I`m glad the Lord has been merciful and sending us amazing people! The other things that happened can be seen in my pictures. On Saturday it rained really hard for two hours straight. We walked through it all and got sooooo wet! When we were walking though, we noticed that a man`s taxi was stuck in the rain. We crossed the rain and helped him to get out of the rain. I felt as if we were angels coming to the rescue, because we literally were the only two people on the street at this time and probably the only people willing to help. We felt really good about our service. Even though, I was annoyed from the rain, the Lord gave us a chance to serve and boy can I say that there are sooo many opportunities like this! Sometimes we have to suffer to see the rich blessings!

Elder Overall

pics- President and Sister Current in our tarde blanca, our baptism Lanie in the red shirt, pday of Elders


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