May 23, 2019


Tocumen, Panama


Elder Ferrufino

Mission Week 92

May 20, 2019

Dear loved people of my soul,

This week was awesome! We had the first baptism in the area and boy was it great! We baptized Ailen and she enjoyed her baptism a lot! We going to baptize her with her eight-year-old daughter Sujeidis, but at the point of her baptism, she started to cry with fear of water, so she ran away. I felt really bad, but in my defense, she was really excited to get baptized; I had no idea of her fear of water. So, it was kind of sad, but we`ll give her time to prepare herself. We also wanted to baptize Ailen`s sister who was prepared, but she wanted to stay home and rest her sore tooth. I really she was just making excuses to not get baptized, but I let it slide this once. Anyways, this week was good, but we definitely have things to improve on in the zone.

We had zone conference this week and it was more special than ever before, because it was President Current`s last zone conference. We did two zone conferences with each one containing half of the mission. Crazy right? The craziest thing is that my comp and I were invited to both of them, because we had to lead a workshop about recent converts. We were beyond tired, but they fed us really good food! :) Yeah, I know what you are thinking, "Elder Overall, you were speaking in public?" Yeah, I know it was really weird, but it all went well. By now everyone in the mission knows who I am, now, because freak! nobody before recognized me. I came from San Blas and there were 50 new missionaries that had arrived! Que locura! We also did divisions with the Elders who are serving in the area where I started my mission. It was awesome, because I got to go to their area and boy did it bring back down memory lane! I got to see people, sights, and things completely change! I was awes-struck. I was also incredible to find out some really great news that the first family that I baptized has been preparing to get sealed!!!! :) They have a date planned for the 25th of May! I plan to go. I GET TO GO TO THE TEMPLE! I know that the Lord has a hand in calling me back to Tocumen and I know that it is for this purpose! I`m super excited and I`ll let you know how it goes next week! :)

That`s it folks, so just be waiting for all the good stuff next week!
Elder Overall

PS- This week I ate a fruit called a guanabana in Spanish. IT`S SO GOOODDD! I want to buy it in the States, but I don`t know if it exists. Let me know what ya`ll find out!;)

The pic of the baptism minus the little girl haha, a guanabana, my group who came with me from the MTC, a pizza, the train station next my house with a view of the city. Love ya


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