May 5, 2019


Chitre, La Arena


Elder Reimer

Mission Week 89

April 29, 2019
Hark all ye people,

So that I can respond to your question, yeah I got your package like three weeks ago haha! I just kept forgetting to talk about it. Sorry, I´m always forgetting about what I do during the week, so I just focus on those things :) Don´t worry about it I´m actually putting a lot of work in my emails :)

But, this week was such a special week for us, because yesterday Eduardo got baptized!!! It was a miracle, because we only taught him three times. Well, teaching him is a wrong term; more like he taught us haha! Yeah, every time we came we left him multiple pamphlets and then he´d do the reading himself. The times we met, he would just take the first 15 minutes to explain what he knows and then testify of the Restoration! Wow, he was so ready!! When he got baptized a lot of the branch came and it was super special! So, we were happy to be part of Eduardo´s conversion process and see his love for the Gospel. The one that was really happy was the Relief Society president, because he is her boyfriend. I believe they are thinking about getting sealed next year! Oh, and Eduardo´s 13-year-old-son came, so we are going to work with him, so his dad can baptize him! It will be such an occasion!

So, that´s on the spiritual side, but there are a few funny moments this week too. One of them, was I got STONED haha! Yeah.... we were just standing getting ready to pray for something and then these kids playing cops and robbers started throwing rocks at us. They weren´t hard; we literally caught them and just looked at each other with confused faces. As we were walking away, I told my comp, ¨I´ve never been stoned in my mission before.¨ Yeah haha I guess you should never mess with the five-year-olds.
Then, we were able to eat iguana this week! It was sooooo gooood! They told me that it tastes like chicken and boy were they not lying. Apparently, it´s called a ¨tree chicken¨. What an experience! Then, the other things that happened are all a blur to me, but if it comes back to me next week, I´ll make to mention it! Love you all and wish you all the best!

Elder Overall

The picture with my thumb is the iguana, the pic with the group is pday of the Elders, the pic with baptism is Eduardo, and the pic with the spaghetti is the meal we made and boy were we in heaven that night! :)


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