April 29, 2019


Chitre, La Arena


Elder Reimer

Mission Week 88

April 22, 2019

Dear everyone who knows me,

This week has been a very great week! It was a little hard to teach people, because the Holy Week is a very big holiday for everyone here. Yeah, you may think cuz they`re thinking about the Savior more, they will listen, nope! They just wanted to drink and party for their vacation time... But the good thing was that everyone was home from work and we were able to proselyte easier. Now we should find more new investigators :) We are still finding good investigators, because of the members! We have another good reference from the branch president and he told us that a girl who knew a young man who just left on the mission and has questions about the Church. Yeah, the best way to find references here is the ¨the flirt to convert¨kind, because if not they are really Catholic. Anyways, she went to Church and we are going to check it went for her. Then, Saturday we were able to go with our golden investigator Eduardo! He is super ready! The miracle is that we can only meet with him Saturdays, so every time we meet, he reads and teaches himself from the commitments! :) So, he is preparing to get baptized this next Sunday and it will be a really good one! He was definitely prepared by the Lord! I guess it also helped that he`s dating the Relief Society president ;) Again, flirt to convert!!! Umm, I guess the only other thing was that I did splits with the other Elders. It was good to get to know the others. WE had a good time! Easter was pretty good; a little different, because we decided to fast. The Sunday prior no one told us that Fast Day had happened, so we did it this past Sunday, instead. But that way we were able to feel the Spirit of the Atonement more fully in our lives. It was better that way. Umm to end, I would love to say that I know that this has been such a great mission so far and I`m going to make all of my days count!!!

Elder Overall

PS- Sorry I don`t have pictures this week, but I will make sure to send them next week.


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