April 6, 2019


Carti Tupile, San Blas Islands, Panama


Elder Bertuccini

Mission Week 83

March 18, 2019
Dear family,

This week was pretty good. It was normal on the working part, but there ere things that happened this week that were kinda random. One of those experiences was the fact that I turned into a seminary teacher here in San Blas haha!

My comp and I woke up on Wednesday morning and randomly the President of seminary had arrived and wanted us to talk to him. He told us that we need to activate the youth in seminary, so that they can learn the scriptures. So yeah, we are now in charge of teaching the Doctrine and Covenants in Spanish! (It´s a good thing I was paying attention that year XD) But it´s actually really fun, because we haven´t had a really good relationship with the youth here. They kinda just ignore us and have a bad attitude when we talk to them. But in seminary they´re well-behaved! We actually have found two new investigators from it and boy is it a blessing! On an island where there aren´t alot of people, two investigators is awesome! We even invited them to baptism, so we are preparing them.

We had a baptism on Thursday. It went really well and the family was really happy that we did it for them. The only thing that was a little shocking was that they told us that he was 9 years old, but he was actually 8. That´s technically not our baptism, but the branch´s; however, we prepared him nonetheless. He was really happy and I was too. Then, we had an activity where we played the water balloons and towels game. We filled up a bunch of water balloons and the kids took towels and threw them to each other. No one was really good at it, except our investigator who was just having a blast. His name is Kevin and he should be baptized this coming week. At the end, we gave out barbecue sausages on little wooden skewers. Everyone loved us! It was a good activity all in all.

On Saturday, we were inviting investigators like crazy when in the nighttime we came across something strange by the ocean. It looked like a toy, so we decided to see what it was. We got closer to find out that it was some sort of fish. It didn´t take too long for us to take pictures with it and then realize it was a jelly fish and that my finger happened to be in stinging range of the thing. Yes, I was stung by a jelly fish, but luckily it was only one tentacle on my ring finger. The pain went away a few hours later. I will say that it was kinda a cool experience. To end the week, we had church and we had one investigator in church, so we were pretty happy!

Love ya family and am excited for all that you do! One million thank yous for the package, can´t wait to see it!

Elder Sobretodo


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