March 10, 2019


Carti Tupile, San Blas Islands, Panama


Elder Williams

Mission Week 81

March 4, 2019
Dear family,

Wow! Another week passed by already!?? Que locura! Anyways, I just want to say that this week was awesome! On February 28, we went to the person, Gabriela, who we had been preparing for baptism and they told us that the next day she was going back to her island and never coming back. She had been to church every week since December, so we asked her if she wanted to be baptized that next day. She said yes and we went and got everything ready to baptize her the first of March! It was a spectacular baptism. Even though Gabriela is a little shy, she was really prepared. We did her baptism on a gorgeous island and boy do I want to baptize more there, because I got some really awesome pics :) Also, a miracle happened right as we got home from the baptism. We were washing the baptismal clothes at the church and a man came up to us and asked us when we would come to his house. We told him that we would come at 3. When we got there, he said that the other Elders were working with him and he had some fix in problems to fix in his life. Over that time period he had been staying away from problems with the Word of Wisdom and he said right at the beginning of that lesson with him that he wanted to be baptized. We put him on date for this Wednesday, because he definitely has done the preparations himself! :)
We had an activity this week. We put on the movie The Other Side of Heaven. There were people who really enjoyed it. We are going to do activities every week. We have been sleeping in the church for the past few days. My companion is doing an essay for BYU-I and it´s really refreshing here. It´s really cool to be able to put up a hammock in the church! Lastly, I bore my testimony in church. I tried to do some of it in Kuna, but kinda failed, but the Spirit was still there. I love ya´ll so much and write you next week!

Mergie Sipu


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