February 20, 2019


Playon Chico, San Blas Islands , Panama


Elder Williams

Mission week 77 - 79

February 4, 2019
Hello family and friends!!! Long time no write haha! Sorry there was
something that came up last Monday. It was awesome, though, because we
went to a waterfall! I have pictures, but i sadly don´t think I´ll be
able to send them. I will say though that it was so pretty, because it
was in the middle of the jungle :) I SAW MONKEYS!!! I loved it! These
last weeks were alright, just kind of normal. We worked alot with our
investigators, but we didn´t have that much success getting
investigators to church. We have had one in church these past two
Sundays. But it isn´t that bad, because the lady that came to church
yesterday is really cool and she came by herself. I can see she is
gaining a testimony :) Her name is Eida and we are working with her to
get baptized.

Good golly this week went by way too fast!!! I don´t even remember
what has happened this week haha! I guess one of the major things was
that we lost signal for five days, so we couldn´t communicate anybody!
It was as if we died and then we resurrected again. I didn´t take a
picture of it, but we have bought and eaten lobster twice this week!
One of the times, we actually prepared it ourselves and boy was it
delicious!! We didn´t know to cook to save our lives, but somehow we
managed to cook lobster. We even melted butter and put lemon in it to
make a little dipping sauce! It was delicious; I invite you try making
sometime if you have the chance. However, it gets pretty expensive in
the United States, so you´ll have to see ;)

Over the past few weeks we have been trying to find opportunites to
serve. A few weeks ago (I forgot to tell you guys) we helped an
investigator´s family dig a mud hole for an hour. It was really messy
work and took everything out of me, but we felt good doing it :) We
even help other people when they´re passing by holding things. It
always puts a smile on their face!

So yeah that´s the week. I have literally forgotten everything that
has happened, but this is what I remember! Love ya all and hope ya´ll
have a spectacular week!
Mosiah 2. Read it!
Elder Overall

Yeah, I´ll just send the pics next week!

February 11, 2019
Hello family! That is COOL that Prdsident Nelson spoke in Arizona! I do not think I have ever heard of the prophet coming to Arizona. Hey so I don't have alot of time, but I Will tell you fast about my week! So we had an awesome week!! The members really came though and brought two of their nonmember friends to church. We also had four investagators! There are now alot of options to get baptized this week! The only thing is that two New missionaries are coming to Playón Chico and my como and I go to different islands. I Will go to Carti Tupile with a missionary named Elder Bertuccini and my comp goes to an island named Nargana. Basically we Will be leaving all of our work for them to baptize many!! It is sad that Im leaving the island, but Im sure that the Lord Will watch me over there! I love you all and next week I Will write more! Ciao nos vemos!

Elder Overall

February 18, 2019
Heyyyyy sorry I am writing so late! I was traveling all day due to the
fact that last night I had pains in my kidney all night and I was not
able to sleep. I came to a different island today to get medicince and
to get ti checked. Don[t worry! I[m fine! Sorry I wasn[t able to call.
I[ll try doing it next week. I am very curious how it will be. So I
don[t have any time at all, so I will write a very brief summary of
what has happened. So we arrived here in Carti Tupile and boy is it an
interesting place. The Church has been here on the island since 1964,
so you can imagine how many people are baptized here. You have to be
very creative when you search for people to teach. The leadership
really supports us here! We have found a few investigators and
actually three came to church on Sunday. Good stuff! One of the
investigators is really cool, her name is Jionelda and she is staying
here with a member fam. She[ll get baptized.

Sorry I wasn[t able to write that much, but I[ll make sure to write
more next week! I love you all and I will say that I[m very happy to
have all of you as my family! It[s kind of funny, cuz people always
ask me who is in my family and I always brag about all of you. You are
the best!

Bukidada sabed,
Elder Overall


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