January 27, 2019


Playon Chico, San Blas Islands , Panama


Elder Williams

Mission Week 75

January 21, 2019

Dear family and loved ones!!

This week has been spectacular; just full of miracles and I am excited
to share them with you all! I would like to start off to say that the
beginning of the week was hard, but yesterday we really saw the fruits
of our labors where we had two baptisms!!! So we had been working with
the mom who said she was scared to get baptized last week, but we
decided to tell her that what would happen if her neighbor would
prepare with her. This neighbor is named Yenifer and she has a son who
is an active member in the church. He is preparing to go on a mission,
but his mom has never been a member. So we talked to them both about
getting baptized together and they were a little more willing. It all
ended, though, when we spoke and testified of the importance of
eternal families and that there is only one church that has that
power. They both got more excited and yesterday we were able to do the
baptisms of Lidia and Yenifer! The 18-year-old was really excited to
baptize his mom, especially since he´s going on a mission in the near
future! I was deeply grateful to work with those two families and be a
witness of how the Gospel of Christ changes lives! That is what it
will do for every family in the world!

So on a less spiritual side of things, we had splits with the zone
leaders. I went with Elder Burke and I learned alot from him. He
taught me how to ask more questions in lessons, so people absorb
doctrine more. We also ended the day eating this really good grilled
chicken and a coconut. Oh yeah I have a strange addiction to eating
coconuts plain. I had no idea how good they tasted!! I´m going to eat
them when I get home :) We also had the opportunity of giving a few
blessings of the sick this week. A lot of people have been getting
sick, because the wind has gotten stronger, so the temperature has
lowered. It always helps me gain testimony of this Gospel every time a
blessing is given! Well, I love you all so much! I hope you all keep
doing well! until next week ;)

The one and only,
Elder Sobretodo

Oh by the way, the internet is really slow to send pictures. I am
sorry, but I´ll show them to
ya´ll in the future


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